Monday, November 7, 2016

setting up the Flex facet in IntelliJ 7

Note: this was originally posted February 6, 2008 on my old blog.

One of the new features of IntelliJ 7 is the support for Adobe's Flex language. You can enable this support by going to the project properties and adding a Flex facet, where you can specify the path to the Flex SDK. I set it up, but there was none of the expected IDE help for the ActionScript classes: no code-completion, class/type suggestions, not even syntax highlighting. Some Googling reveals a few more requirements: the JavaScript support plugin must be enabled (which it was) and the File Type needs to be registered for *.as files. In my setup, it was set to "Text files", adding the file pattern to JavaScript files (with a prompt asking if you'd like to reassign it from the existing text files setting -- very nice) and hitting OK then set off a somewhat lengthy parse of the ActionScript classes in the project. The Flex support is now working.

Kudos to Serge Baranov for the extremely quick support response and helpful guidance.

The things I do for bolded keywords...

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